About SöMN

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Swedish design is made for the many, made to be used – and used again. It breaks norms and challenges preconceptions. Modernism and practicality rings to its core.  
At SöMN (Swedish for 'Sleep') we believe a good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy life. After a comfortable mattress, temperature is the most critical aspect for the body to enter REM sleep. Let’s face it, all bodies are not created equal. Even the best couples disagree on what temperature to keep the bedroom at. Whether you like sleeping in a sauna or snoozing in an icebox, someone isn’t happy when you wake up in the morning.
Here at SöMN, our goal is to fix just that. We believe the Kömforte will provide you and your partner with the best night’s sleep a comforter can. Harnessing luxury quality microfiber, the Kömforte provides both of you with the perfect sleeping thickness. A heavy thick warm side for one and a light airy cool side for the other. No more fighting over the thermostat, and no more endless night sweats. You can now sleep sound and wake up ready to take on the world.
While staying in northern Sweden, we were in a constant battle over how warm to keep our bedroom. Paulina loves it hot and Steve loves it cold. We could never agree and we ultimately resorted to using two separate duvets. Problem solved but we felt like it tore us apart. Same bed and a million miles away... As engineers, we knew we could fix this and the idea for Kömforte was launched. The rest is history...