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What is the Optimal Sleeping Temperature?

Studies show that sleeping less than 6 hours a night means a 12% increase in the risk of death. In the United States, around 100,000 vehicle crashes are sleep related. One of the factors that affects the quality and duration of our sleep is the room temperature. The question is, could one small adjustment to our room temperature give us a better nights’ sleep?  It is important to know that the room temperature has a bigger impact on our sleep cycle than light. Our bodies undergo a process called thermoregulation as part of the circadian cycle. We can also say that there is a clock in our body which regulates the temperature accordingly. Our body temperature is the highest during...

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All of us, at some point in our hectic lives go through some troubles when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. A lot of factors account for not having a sound sleep, which is one of the most important needs of our body. Only a good sleep at night can keep us healthy and help us have a productive day together.  To get a natural deep sleep, we must inculcate a few habits in our routine. 1. Time is the key It is rightly said, ‘Early to bed early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’. Our bodies were created to be idle at certain hours of the day, and active at the rest. If we...

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Ever wondered why we have our feet sticking out of the blankets when we go to bed, and later that night we slide them back inside the blanket as we get cold? The human body is a fascinating organism and many factors determine if we feel warm or cold. Some of us need a warm temperature to get a good night’s sleep, cuddled inside a blanket, while some of us like to turn the air conditioner way up and cool the room down to a freezer. Our body temperatures tend to go up during the day, while we’re busy with our everyday lives and then decline as the night approaches. For some people this can be minimal, but for others...

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